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How Long Have You Had A Trade/Chat Room?

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FAQ's About The TradeRx Mentoring Program

Why would I need this program?

Because unfortunately you are human! What I mean is, we all struggle with the very things that make trading so difficult. The human elements of fear, greed, doubt, anxiety, frustration, guilt, excitement, panic, insecurity, FOMO, etc. These issues have been completely ignored by the trading education world. Sure, there are some books you can read. And the day or two after you read them you do pretty well. But the human element always creeps back in. Nothing a person has ever done in their lives, personal or professional, can prepare a person mentally or emotionally for day trading.

Who are the mentors?

You are a mentor. As well as any other trader in the program. This is a peer program where 2-3 traders form a group to support each other and help with trade analysis. You will become accountable to the other members as they will become accountable to you for the trade decisions that are made. You will critique each others trades and make suggestions on what was done right, wrong, or borderline. You and your mentors will be expected to recognize when someone's trading has gone off the rails and needs individualized help to get them back on track. Or maybe just a 2x4 to the head reminder sometimes ;-)

Why is this program different from other mentoring programs?

Most mentoring programs consist of a phone call and some advice one time a week. That's not really mentoring, that's hand holding. The TradeRx program is every day, every trade, and whenever you need help or advice. Your mentors are just a mouse click away.

If I am just paper or simulation trading, would the program be good for me?

Absolutely. In fact, the first 2 exercises in the program require that you do not trade with real money. You have a lot of work to do before you are ready to trade with real money. You have some bad habits to unlearn while you are learning some good habits. Best to remove the pressure of making money on top of it.

Is there an extra cost for the TradeRx program?

For our Pro Trader (Einstein/VIP) program participants, there is no charge. For other program participants there is a monthly subscription fee. Fee depends on which program the trader is enrolled in.

How does the program work?

For a lot more information about how the program works, please visit our documentation wiki here:

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Frequently Asked Questions – The Intentional Trader

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Frequently Asked Questions – The Intentional Trader

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Frequently Asked Questions – The Intentional Trader

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