The “Extra Income” Program


Maybe you’re not trying to become a full time trader but just looking to supplement your income? This program is for you. 12 indicators and extended trade room time.

Easy upgrade path to the Pro Trader Program in the future.



The “Extra Income” Program – The Intentional Trader
  • RockStar: Combination of Speedtick, SuperDivergence, and OBOS. This confluence leads to many powerful trade setups

  • Mometer: Strong momentum is measured to anticipate inevitable exhaustion.NRS Zone: A decision making zone to exclude certain Naked RockStar trade setups.
    Velocity: When the velocity of price changes more, and/or more quickly, than in previous (user definable) bars on the chart.
    Flash: When price diverges from RSI momentum, price will typically change directions.
    Macdiver: Same divergence algorithm as Flash, but using the MACD to measure momentum.

  • Pullback Alert: Reads every tick to determine when the most important type of volume is controlling the current bar.

  • Overbought/Oversold aka OBOS: When potential buyers/sellers have become exhausted.

  • Speedtick: When the Big Boys are manipulating the markets.

  • Colored MA: Moving average that changes color relative to slope.

  • BarTimer: Alerts us to the next bar open where our trade entry decisions are made

  • OTS: A visual reference of where your targets and stops should be set.

  • 2 Months in our Trade Room



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