How long have you been in business?

We have been around for over 10 years! And here is the beautiful part…. We are doing THE SAME THING as we were when we started.
As you probably know, many trading systems will change what they are doing frequently because of the market changing. In reality, that is just a way for them to keep people engaged and interested.
Here is the hard truth, trading is boring! Once you have a system that works consistently and a trade plan that doesn’t require consistent tuning then trading becomes quite monotonous. But that is the key to success in trading.
We have licensed more indicators than any other NinjaTrader Vendor. We have been around for over 10 years without any setbacks. Our customers are extremely happy (Just look at our testimonials or google “The Intentional Trader” to find public reviews).

How long will I have the Indicators?

Once invested, your indicators will never expire. If we update the indicators then you will receive the updates for free. If they have to be developed for an upgraded NinjaTrader platform, you will receive that for free as well.
Once you own an indicator(s) you can rest assure that you will always have access to it.

What is your Target/Stop?

We have a target of 5 ticks and a stop of 7 ticks. BUT… we manage our stops (and we only make them smaller.. never larger).
Think of the safest place for your trading money. It is NOT SAFE in the markets. We want to be in and out pretty fast. You may think that 5 ticks is not enough. But when you can consistently get 5 ticks and trade with multiple contracts you will find that it is plenty.

Can this be Auto-Traded?

It is not likely that you’ll see an autotrader strategy from us any time soon. Not that one could not be developed. It simply does not fit with our style of trading and belief in ourselves that we are better traders than an automated system could ever be. 

*OPINION* I have been trading for 17 years. To date, no one has shown me an autotrader that has THAT kind of track record. Autotraders and companies that produce them come and go.  I find it interesting how many people want to remove themselves from the accountability of making good decisions and put that responsibility on the computer. The problem is, computers can’t think or feel. Feelings is what moves price. If autotraders work as well as most believe they can, why aren’t we all using them? Why aren’t they mainstream? If you still believe that computers can do the job of trading better and more efficiently than you can, I’m not here to talk you out of it. In fact, if you want to use our indicators to create an autotrader that’s fine by us. We have optimized our indicators to work with Shark Indicators BloodHound product ( ) which is the best, easiest, and most efficient way to create trading strategies and send the signals to their trade management system called BlackBird ( ). This is essentially a sophisticated autotrading system that’s easier for the non-programmer. 

Do you offer training?

We have a full training program in the Pro Trader Program called the “Fast Forward Training Program”. This program will teach you how to: Trade our system, use market replay, use a StaticDom for placing trades, Troubleshooting NinjaTrader, and much more!
We also have a lot of training events and videos on our YouTube channel

Do the indicators print in real time?

Our indicators print as the condition exists, not after the fact. You can be confident that our indicators will let you know when a specific condition in the market exists as it prints right on the chart in real time

Does this only work with Futures?

We developed this system specifically for Futures. But many traders also use it for Forex and Stocks. The indicators will work right out of the box for those as well.

Does this System only work with NinjaTrader?

Our indicators will only work on the NinjaTrader Platform. Most of our indicators work with NinjaTrader 7 and NinjaTrader 8. The Rockstar and NRS zone only work with NinjaTrader 8. All future indicators we develop will only be for NinjaTrader 8.
If you are not willing you trade through NinjaTrader. You can still chart with NinjaTrader using our indicators and place trades on your preferred platform.

Can This System Make Me Wealthy

It’s amazing how often we are asked this. If you are looking for a “Get rich quick” trading system then this is not for you (Spoiler alert: It doesn’t exist). Trading is a skill that takes lots of practice and hard work. We provide THE BEST training services, Trade Room, and Indicators in the industry. Our tools will help you become a consistent trader if you are willing to put in the work.
So in short, Yes… This system can help make you wealthy. In the same way that the best golf clubs can help you win the PGA Tour.
If you are looking for the best tools to help you with your trading, you have found the right system. If you are looking for an auto-trader that makes you rich or a system that will make you wealthy beyond your dreams with little work on your part… You need to re-evaluate your assumptions of trading. We can help with that as well.