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  • Wicks Percent


    The WicksPercent indicator shows to the user when the wick of a trading bar is a certain percentage of the body of the bar which picks up when price is very “whippy”.

  • Climactic Volume


    Climactic volume is a great tool in locating trend pullbacks (retracements) or full reversals on any timeframe.


  • NRS Zone

    Tight range to show you when price is either exhausted or within a channel.
  • Velocity

    See the rate at which price moves over the course of a bar relative to a previous bar and determine when price may be getting exhausted from a strong move.
  • SuperDivergence

    The most advanced divergence detector. See divergence from 7 different oscillators with ease.
  • SpeedTick

    See when the markets are being manipulated by the "Big Boys" and take advantage of it.
  • RockStar

    $625.00 $425.00
    OUR MOST POPULAR INDICATOR. 3 Indicators in one to signal a likely pullback or reversal.
  • Ricochet

    Get notified when the markets are manipulated by a sudden acceleration of orders.
  • PullBack Alert

    Measures price action in relation to volume without confusing lines and clutter.
  • Overbought / Oversold (OBOS)

    This indicator will tell you at first glance when the markets are in an overbought/oversold condition.
  • Mometer

    The Mometer Indicator signals when there is stronger price movement relative to previous bars.
  • MacDiver

    Spot divergence from the MACD oscillator with ease! No confusing graphs. Simple to read divergence indicator.
  • Flash

    Spot divergence from the RSI Oscillator in an instant without any confusion.
  • First Touch Reset

    Support and resistance indicator with relative strength number. The perfect S/R levels for any trader.
  • Einstein Bundle

    $5,856.00 $4,699.00
    The Pro Bundle! Everything you need to be a successful day trader!  All Indicators, Unlimited Trade Room, Full Training Program, and much more. Welcome to the Family.
  • BrainBoost Bundle

    $1,332.00 $923.00
    This basic bundle is perfect for those who are wanting to get started with the basics of our system and/or add to their current trading system. 8 Indicators AND Trade Room Time.
  • Academic Bundle

    $2,239.00 $1,989.00
    This is our intermediate bundle. Perfect for any trader! 12 indicators and extended trade room time.  

Showing all 17 results

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