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See when the markets are being manipulated by the “Big Boys” and take advantage of it.


This is one of those stories like the Post-it Note guys. We set out to build an indicator to make First Touch trades easier to see and even more reliable. The SpeedTick indicator was designed to pick up when the big boys were purposefully manipulating the markets to take out stops and then turn the market around to take all of their profits. With our SpeedTick Level indicator that ships with the SpeedTick Indicator, you can practically see when it happens and, therefore, know when to capitalize on it. We started nailing several FT trades each day, but we also noticed something else. This indicator works great by itself. You can easily build an entire trading system around this baby.


Add to any chart or time frame
Prints on the current bar in real time
DOES NOT repaint several bars after the fact
Based on underlying tick chart data
User defined tick chart size
User defined tick count time period
User defined thresholds
User defined time of day on/off
add multiple indicators to same chart for different time/volume periods
Sound alert
User select draw object, colors, and sizes
Ships with SpeedTick Level indicator to fine tune Threshold levels

37 reviews for SpeedTick

  1. Michael W

    5 stars

  2. Mark

    4 stars

  3. Alan R

    5 stars

  4. Matthias

    4 stars

  5. Christopher F

    5 stars

  6. Graham K

    Increased order flow indicates potential exhaustion

  7. Bill M

    For me, the ST levels are the most important part of my chart. Using the ST levels intrabar for a trigger is one of the most valuable indicators. During each bar I can monitor which market is most likely to set up. Invaluable.

  8. Eric I

    Heart of high profitability. Great research and application!

  9. Ralph L

    5 stars

  10. John D

    5 stars

  11. Carlton

    One of the basic building blocks of this trading system.

  12. Alex B

    5 stars

  13. Eric I

    4 stars

  14. Chris M

    Love this indicator

  15. Stacy Forman

    Could not use on time frames I trade. Looks like a good indicator.

  16. Robert S

    speed tick is awsome.

  17. Don S

    Great supporting indicator

  18. William C

    This is the basis for my trading methods

  19. Ibe

    5 out of 5

  20. Chris M

    5/5 stars

  21. don m

    This, to me, is the second most important in your suite of heads-up indicators.

  22. Andy R

    This is one of the most important indicators I use to alert me of a possable trigger is coming up

  23. Abby

    reliable and sweet

  24. Bob R

    Very unique. Has no comparable equivalent by any vendor. A very leading tool. Would like to see an auto adjusting threshold.

  25. Ralph

    I don’t Bunt trade, but I use this indicator every day on every chart style I watch.

  26. Bill


  27. Keith

    The speedtick, which helps with recognizing HFT activity, definitely helps timing my entries on pullback trades using support. This indicator has changed the way I trade!

  28. John A

    5 stars

  29. S P

    Incredible tool when combined with other indicators.

  30. Dave R

    When properly used with the other indicators the SpeedTick provides a great notice for a potential trade setup. setup

  31. Mark

    Use it everyday, great tool for my setups.

  32. Brett

    Excellent information to help gauge my entries

  33. Derek

    Works great, especially followed by flash or mcd

  34. John Vn

    Just made $50 using it – what else can I say

  35. Mike

    Indispensable, not only as a trade indicator but also for when to stay out.

  36. Bill M


  37. Mark H

    When you get a SpeedTick signal that is also overbought or oversold at a level of support or resistance and then the next candle has a Flash signal is one of the best IT setups you can take if it is within your trade plan.

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