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OUR MOST POPULAR INDICATOR. 3 Indicators in one to signal a likely pullback or reversal. *NINJATRADER 8 ONLY*

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The RockStar is a combination of our HUD (Heads-Up-Display) indicators that, when a confluence of positive conditions exist, will generate a signal to let the trader know that there is a confluence of events that might require his/her attention. Like any other indicator for NinjaTrader (or any other trading platform), this indicator does not tell the trader when to take a trade. It simply alerts the trader to a confluence of market events that could help the trader anticipate a change in the market.

The RockStar consists of these HUD indicators.

SpeedTick (Identify “Smart Money” or mechanical market manipulations)
SuperD (Identify when price and momentum no longer agree with each other)
OBOS (Identify when price is likely to become exhausted)

Although these 3 indicators are used to generate a signal, the trader may choose to use additional HUD indicators to qualify the generated signal as a potential trade setup.

The RockStar combines some very powerful technical analysis techniques.

Order Flow

Using these techniques, the RockStar is measuring strengths in the current conditions to anticipate the inevitable weaknesses. These weaknesses are ideal points in the market to exploit pullbacks or retracements either by trading these pullback (Bunt style of trading), or for scaling out of trades taking profits along a longer trend trade.

For our Bunt Trading, we have some very specific conditions and rules for trading our trade setups. The RockStar indicator is a tool to make those trade setups easier to identify and execute a trade. Click here to learn more about our SpeedFlash/SpeedMac trade setups and why they work so well.

19 reviews for RockStar

  1. Michael W

    5 stars

  2. Mark

    4 stars

  3. Alan R

    5 stars

  4. Matthias

    4 stars

  5. Christopher F

    5 stars

  6. Graham K

    A divergence signal that adds confluence

  7. Bill M

    Along with sticking to the rules, this is the best product The Intentional Trader has ever come up with.

  8. Eric I

    Effective, but an add on if one understands the building blocks.

  9. Ralph L

    5 stars

  10. John D

    5 stars

  11. Carlton

    Best indicator out there that shows a confluence of powerful indicators.

  12. Alex B

    5 stars

  13. Eric I

    The ultimate trading indicator if used as intended.

  14. Chris M

    3 stars

  15. David W.

    just remember indicators are just one piece of the puzzle.

    • admin

      That is correct. Indicators will not trade for you or tell you with 100% accuracy when to place trades. But they will tell you when conditions in the markets exist and what is likely to happen with those conditions present.

  16. Grigore S.

    The best I have . I used a lot but this is one of the best

  17. Bob R.

    Just thought I’d give you some feedback on the RockStar. Today was the first day I gave it a serious look. I was so surprised how easy it was to make money with it. Next step is to put an ATM in chart trader and continue using manual entries and ATM+manual trade management. I do look forward to the NT Strategy template Tony referred to in last week’s webinar. This product could put IT on the map if it isn’t already there.

  18. Alexander Fedotov

    I have purchased the Rock Star indicator just recently and haven’t traded it on live account yet, but on demo it looks very good, even though Tony likes to trade on 1 min charts, I like 15 min and Rock Star gives precise signals on 15 min too. I’m planning to combine Rock Star with the strategy I already use. Great job Tony and the team!!!

  19. brett i.

    It’s a great indicator and fantastic and removing other indicators from the chart. It allows me to focus on less and reduces the analysis paralysis. Take the signals when they fire at your favorite SR areas and you stack the probabilities in your favor even more. Using the OBOS filter can help reduce some unwanted signals as well.

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