Overbought / Oversold (OBOS)

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This indicator will tell you at first glance when the markets are in an overbought/oversold condition.


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Do you really need a bunch of squiggly lines on your screen to tell you if the market is in an overbought or oversold condition? This indicator will tell you at first glance and have you in or out of a trade much faster than any other oversold/overbought indicator. And in the trading business, sometimes milliseconds count.


Add to any chart or time frame
Paints on current bar
DOES NOT REPAINT several bars after the fact
Choose indicator on which to base OB/OS condition
Set indicator parameters to generate OB/OS condition

38 reviews for Overbought / Oversold (OBOS)

  1. Pieter De Beer

    I started day trading with a different learning school. Most of our trading strategies we had to measure Overbought/ Oversold in order to manage risk. This indicator is absolutely great. No measurement anymore. The simple colour code around the OBOS bar tells you not to take a setup in a certain direction. Great Tool!!

  2. Michael W

    5 stars

  3. Mark

    4 stars

  4. Alan R

    5 stars

  5. Matthias

    4 stars

  6. Christopher F

    5 stars

  7. Graham K

    Vital for most trades

  8. Bill M

    integral part of every trade

  9. Eric I

    Very effective

  10. Ralph L

    5 stars

  11. John D

    5 stars

  12. Carlton

    Another effective building block of this system.

  13. Alex B

    5 stars

  14. Eric I

    5 stars

  15. Chris M

    5 stars

  16. REGGIE B.

    Just started using it a couple days ago. So far it’s helpful, I like it.

  17. Nancy R.

    Most valuable thing on my charts

  18. Robert S

    critcal to my trading.

  19. Bob R

    Novel way to save chart space. User configurable. Handy tool.

  20. Abby

    Hugs and Kisses

  21. Ralph L

    I don’t Bunt trade, but I use this indicator every day on every chart style I watch.

  22. Andy R

    This is my most used indicator for all my triggers . My number one indicator

  23. Sam F

    have it & use it within my trade plan

  24. Don

    Great supporting indicator!

  25. Trader Joe

    5 stars

  26. Mike C

    Strong indication of time for a pullback.

  27. Bill


  28. Keith F

    The Overbought/Oversold indicator is one of the best indicators I have ever seen. Very easy to see on the chart, no staring at multiple subgraphs on the chart. This has definitely added to my edge in trading!

  29. John A

    5 Stars

  30. SP

    excellent to give a trade set up confluence

  31. Derek

    now I can see a possible pullback coming

  32. John Vn

    My confirmation indicator

  33. Mike

    I count on this indicator for graphical evidence of exhaustion.

  34. Ibe

    5 Stars

  35. William Calem

    5 Stars

  36. Mark F

    Use this all day long for most of my setups.

  37. Greg in Bend

    I have been trading with the IT indicators for over half a year now and the OBOS indicator has helped my trade setups unbelievably. I am a defensive trader and I can’t think of a trade that I took that did not have an OBOS condition along with the other setups I look for. Indespensible in my trade plan!

  38. Mark H

    What I love about this indicator is it gives me the first indication that the market is running out of steam. I then start looking for my other IT indicators for a possible setup and if that happens then I take the trade if it is within my trade plan rules.

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