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Spot divergence from the MACD oscillator with ease! No confusing graphs. Simple to read divergence indicator.



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Divergence is an often discussed trading tool, but it is mostly misused or too difficult to apply along with other trading indicators. Most find that trying to time a trade entry using divergence to be too confusing and unclear on when divergence is actually occurring. Then, which way is the market going to go? Divergence can signal a reversal or pullback, but in which direction? There are many methods of calculating divergence, but 2 of the most common methods are from the RSI and MACD and show the best promise of a true divergence. Our Flash indicator solves the problem of RSI divergence plotting and our MacDiver allows you to trade off MACD divergence!


Add to any chart or time frame
Prints on the current bar in real time
DOES NOT repaint several bars after the fact
MACD Divergence
Sound Alert
User select draw object, colors and sizes
Toggle on/off
Works great with the Flash Indicator for the ultimate divergence identifying setup

30 reviews for MacDiver

  1. Michael W

    5 stars

  2. Mark

    4 stars

  3. Alan R

    2 Stars

  4. Matthias

    3 stars

  5. Christopher F

    5 stars

  6. Graham K

    adds confluence

  7. Bill M

    How do you rate these individually, Connor? I really can’t

  8. Eric I

    heart of the system w/ speedflash

  9. Ralph L

    5 stars

  10. John D

    5 stars

  11. Carlton

    Good, but since it’s also in the Super D and Rockstar, I don’t use it individually.

  12. Alex B

    5 stars

  13. Eric I

    5 stars

  14. Robert S

    works great

  15. Bob R

    Well done divergence tool.

  16. Abby


  17. Ralph

    I don’t Bunt trade, but I use this indicator every day on every chart style I watch.

  18. Andy R

    This and the flash are a must be thier for a trigger my second most favorite indicator

  19. William C

    5 stars

  20. Mark F

    Great divergance tool

  21. Sam F

    Love it & use it with combo with others

  22. Don

    Second best futures exhaustion indicator
    Flash is the first 🙂

  23. Brett

    Can’t beat real-time divergence on the actual bar it’s happening

  24. Derek

    definitely shows the change in direction

  25. John vn

    Scary how accurate this is

  26. Mike C

    Such a reliable pullback indicator.

  27. Keith

    The MacDiver indicator is one of the best divergence indicators I have ever seen, and I’ve seen plenty of them. It is very easy to see on the chart, and given the right context, significantly adds to my edge in trading.

  28. SP

    Most important tool in my toolbox

  29. Dave R

    The MacDiver provides a simple way to find divergence. When following the IT rules and used with the SpeedTick and First Touch Reset this provides very powerful and accurate signals.

  30. Ken B.

    The IT MacDiver makes seeing divergence between the price and the MACD indicator so easy on one chart with one easy icon (a little diamond) on the chart. In conjunction with the other IT indicators (like the speed flash, and others), it makes for one of the most consistently successful trade setups in the IT arsenal of setups. It, along with the “Flash” indicator, shows two different kinds of divergence, with even greater effect. There’s no beating it.

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