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36 reviews for Fast Forward Unlimited

  1. John D

    5 stars

  2. Alex B

    5 stars

  3. Michael W

    The program is open; questions and participation are encourged. The program has a bit of an organic feel as it is always changing and as Tony states often “this is where 80% of trading success comes from.”

  4. John A

    5 stars

  5. Mark

    3 stars

  6. Alan R

    5 stars

  7. Matthias

    4 stars

  8. Christopher F

    Could use some updating!

  9. Ralph L

    4 stars

  10. Eric I

    5 stars

  11. Chris M

    5 stars

  12. Graham K

    Includes videos on set-up types, practice, Potential Trade Set Up Report, Replay and other practical tools.

  13. Bill M

    Anyone fortunate enough to find this program early in their trading career will cut years and tens of thousands of dollars off of their learning curve.

  14. Eric I

    NT8 is a huge drawback. The training aspect is critical and must be done. NT7 was much better (but the auto tuned indicators in 8 are a benefit too).

  15. Carlton

    Very good, but could use some updating

  16. PeterM

    What I love about the fast forward program is, it quickly delves into a relevant topic every week and gives you tools that you can put to use immediately. Sometimes it’s not the first time you hear the advice but that doesn’t mean it’s not relevant, because traders seemed destined to make the same mistakes over and over again. So this is perfect, positive reinforcement of good trading behavior. Some of the best time and money you can invest.

  17. Surajit Sarkar

    Hi Tony,
    I have just started the program in the last few days and right from the start it becomes obvious that it is a tremendous help and how much thought and experience went into it.
    Thanks very much.

  18. Elizabeth Russell

    I have been using the Fast Forward program for about 2 weeks.

    I started trading about a year ago and was never able to achieve the amount of success I wanted. The indicators are excellent, and I wasn’t sure I needed the fast forward program, but I am very pleased I purchased it. The information is invaluable and has allowed me to really progress in a short amount of time with intense training and review.

  19. Robert S

    i don t use it but i will soon. i realize what a great tool it is, but i just havent got to it yet. i know i can improve faster with the FF program.

  20. Bob R

    Very useful to beginners and review for experienced traders.

  21. Abby


  22. Ralph L

    Even though I had been around for awhile when this started I still appreciated this “get er done” approach, and imagine it’s much better for traders new to IT.

  23. Andy R

    Super part of the program one of the best parts of the program. It keeps me grounded

  24. Norm H

    A real time saver

  25. Don

    This is great for those of you that wish to “self-educate”. If this doesn’t work for you, I’m sure that the RX Program will.

    Everyone wants you to succeed and will give you the support to make it so.

  26. Ibe


  27. Mark H

    As part of the VIP Package that I purchased this program helped me learn The Intentional Trader method at a faster pace then if I was on my own with out their support. They provide tools, videos and training that is second to none. They also have regular private webinars about the trade setups and to help you work on trader discipline.

  28. Will

    This is the most complete training I’ve seen and the market replay allows you to practice in a very productive way.

  29. Derek

    Great program to get started. But I would suggest just join VIP. It’s in there.

  30. John Vn

    You won’t succeed without it!

  31. Mike

    I was brand new to futures trading and can’t imagine how I would have come to understand Bunt Trading without access to all the Fast Forward instruction.

  32. Bill M

    By far the best training program out there. The program is built around practice, practice, practice using market replay. Instruction is given about how to learn to trade using the indicators provided and the applying confluence of indicators provided with the system. Bi-weekly training sessions provide additional support and reinforcement. It takes work, time and experience to get good at trading. This system provides a template from which to improve using your valuable time effectively.

  33. Keith

    The Fast Forward program is excellent! In my opinion the Fast Forward program is worth the price. There are lots of educational videos, and information to get you started on practicing with the Ninja Trader platform. The Fast Forward program basically teaches you how to get the most out of the Ninja Trader replay capabilites. It has improved my trading skill level and confidence far more than I ever imagined. This is a one of a kind offering, and I would highly recommend it! If I could, I would give this one 6 stars as well!

  34. John A

    Ask and you shall receive,,,,,comments that is…
    Overall I give it a 5… out of 5 but have some comments…
    Organization and layout is very good..
    The only part I have struggled with is the replay for practice….
    Yes its not easy to set up and Tony has mentioned this but well worth it for practice once done..
    I feel this part should be re-done.. I have tryed it 3 times and struck out all 3 times and get extremely frustrated so basically I have given up for a while on this part…. My daily replys are my go to form to learn…
    No,I have not called Praveen for assistance on this issue but when I plan on trying it again, I will do so, so thats on me..
    But having said that, I feel that portion of the VIP could be redone and cleared up and simplified so more traders would not be gun shy about using it, because of the difficulty and confusion on the setup…
    SUGGESTION: Maybe put Connor on it for a simplified remake…..nothing wrong with keep improving your product…Or maybe its just me and user error….

    Thanks for asking and I enjoy your service and the overall program very much and will continue to see you in the trade room.
    Chow for now..

  35. SP

    I use the FF program as a library of resources for anything I need in the IT world. Each presentation is archived and available to review over and over. Each presentation is well prepared and done very professionally.

  36. Dave R

    The Fast Forward program is the best way to initially learn the IT way of trading. Everything you need to learn the system is there in one place. You can quickly get a full understanding of the system with the Fast Forward program.

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