Workspace and Template Installation

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Workspaces and Templates

If you already have the indicators installed, please follow these steps to install the workspaces and templates:

Step 1. Download the correct installation package by clicking the correct button below

NinjaTrader 7NinjaTrader 8 FuturesNinjaTrader 8 Forex

Step 2. Close Ninjatrader. Please ensure that the platform is fully closed before proceeding.

Step 3. Please access the installation package that you have downloaded earlier and follow the prompts: If you receive the “Windows has protected your PC” message, click on “More Info” and click on “Run Anyway”:

Step 4. Open Ninjatrader and your workspaces will be located in “Workspaces” in Ninjatrader 8 and “File Workspaces” in Ninjatrader 7. To illustrate:

Ninjatrader 8:

 NinjaTrader 7: