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What sets us apart?

Here at Second Brain Trading we are going to tell you what you need to hear. Those other guys are making false claims and feeding the unrealistic expectations that traders often have. Here’s the truth: Trading takes hard work and practice. We have developed highly-accurate indicators, the best training program, and other services that help you become the best trader you are willing to work for.  Check out the video below for a quick overview of some of our trade setups

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Trading Indicators

Indicators that print in real time all on one chart. No need for multiple time frames, charts, and confusing clutter. One chart for each instrument! No more clutter and confusion.
Use 1 or 2 to enhance your trading system
Use a few more to get started with 2nd Brain Trading Style
Use a discounted bundle to combine indicators and services to launch your 2nd Brain Trading Career.

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Live Trade Room

Trade along with other traders using the SecondBrain advantage. The trade room trades the 6E, ES, YM, NQ, CL, and GC. The room is open from 9am ET-12pm ET. Live moderation and live chat for all attendees!
Unlike other trade rooms, The moderators call their trades as they are setting up. Watch the video to hear some live trades recorded from our trade room. Notice how the moderator calls the conditions of the trade, when he enters, and when he gets out.

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Trader Training Program

Trading is a skill, and in order to excel and improve in any skill, you need practice and lots of it. One of the biggest issues with the typical trading session is the importance of practicing and training being overlooked. They lack a course and actionable steps to move forward with your trading.
SecondBrain offers a in-depth training program that covers all aspects of what it takes to become a succesful trader. How to practice trading efficiently, How to trade SecondBrain setups, How to tune the system, Troubleshooting NinjaTrader, and much more!

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Freedom to Tune

Everything you need to trade exactly like the moderators, build your own personal trading system, and everything in between.
Every trader has their own risk-tolerance level. Some traders are aggressive in their trading and some are conservative. SecondBrain setups are conservative but with the freedom to tune them to your personal risk tolerance level. Not only can the indicators and setups be tuned, we’ll show you how.

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Live Weekly Mentoring Sessions

Weekly mentoring sessions with one of the head traders here at SecondBrain. Chat enabled for Q&A during the sessions.
Mentoring sessions for both the technical side of trading (Setups, using NinjaTrader, Tuning they indicators, How to practice trading) and the mental side of trading (Approaching trading as a business, how to manage your emotions, realistic goals and strategies for your trading career).
Checkout the video for a short clip of a live mentoring session.

Indicator & Services Bundles