Getting Started – The Intentional Trader


Congratulations. We're going to do everything possible to make sure you are confident and happy with your decision to join our trading family. It does not matter if you prefer to trade alone or with us each day in the trade room, we're here to help you reach your trading goals.


Step 1: Choose Your Program
We have 4 different programs designed for people at different stages of their trading career

Getting Started – The Intentional Trader

Pro Trader Program

The Pro Trader program is for the person that is ready to really get serious about their trading. You do not want Day Trading to be just your hobby. You expect to generate a regular income from it. You want the lifestyle of being your own boss living by your own rules. You are willing to put in the extra work to achieve the success that others just won't do. You are All-In and ready to get started on your new career.

Getting Started – The Intentional Trader

Extra Income Program

The Extra Income program is for the person that wants to be a good trader but is not planning to make a career out of it any time soon. You enjoy trading but have other interests that take up a good deal of your time and keeps you from being able to do a lot of after hours work that Pro Traders will do. In your mind, it would be nice to earn your living as a day trader, but right now, its more of a hobby.

Getting Started – The Intentional Trader

Starter Program

The Starter Program is designed for people that just want to dip their toes in to see what this is all about. You are not really sure what you want out of trading in the long run. Maybe you are brand new to trading, or have been at it a long time. You are just very tentative about trying something new so you want to proceed slowly and with caution.

Getting Started – The Intentional Trader

Maverick Program

The Maverick Program are for the rest of you that do not easily fit into the descriptions above. You like to travel your own path and just need to pick up the best tools in the business to get you there. You know what you need and do not need and would like for a custom program to be put together to your specifications. We will build that custom program just for you.

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Step 2: Install NinjaTrader
(We can assist you with this part if you are uncomfortable with computers)

Getting Started – The Intentional Trader

Our programs and indicators are the best and most powerful that exist for Day Trading. You need the best trading platform for it.

*You do not need to own/buy NinjaTrader any time soon. The FREE version of NinjaTrader is all you will need to get started learning and practicing. If you already have a futures broker, you can just continue to trade with that brokerage on their trade execution platform and just do your charting on the free NinjaTrader.

When you sign up for the free version of NinjaTrader, you will be asked if you would like a free 2 week trial of data. If you do not already have NinjaTrader and one of their approved data provider connections, you will want to choose this option.

Step 3: Send Machine ID

Getting Started – The Intentional Trader

 Our indicators are assigned to work on a specific computer of your choice. This must also be the computer that NinjaTrader is installed on. You will find your machine id on the NinjaTrader control center by clicking on Help>About. Copy and email ( that Machine ID to us

Step 4: Log Into The Members Area

Getting Started – The Intentional Trader

By now, you have received an email with your username and password to enter into the Members Area. This is where the magic happens. All of the indicators and other programs for education and practicing are located here. Take a little time to become familiar with the members area to make sure you know where things are when you need them.

Step 5: Download the Installer

Download our installer program (please insure that you have received an email from us letting you know that your machine id has been registered on our servers before doing this step)

We make getting started as easy as possible. One installer will add all of the indicators, templates, and workspaces that you will need to get started with the same setup we use every day in our trade room.

OR WE'LL DO IT FOR YOU! We have a lot of experience with computers and NinjaTrader. If you aren't really comfortable with computers, we can remotely log onto your computer with you watching everything we do. We'll get you all set up and you won't have to lift a finger.

Step 6: Open The Workspace

After installation of our program, restart NinjaTrader. Go to the control center and click on Workspaces and open the Workspace for the Intentional Trader Trade Room.


Study the information provided for your program. Pro Traders, head over to the Fast Forward program to learn step by step trade setup training and start using your practice tools.

You are protected by our 100% Guarantee.

If this system is not functioning properly, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 90 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

Getting Started – The Intentional Trader
Getting Started – The Intentional Trader
Getting Started – The Intentional Trader
Getting Started – The Intentional Trader
Getting Started – The Intentional Trader
Getting Started – The Intentional Trader

"The indicators are the best, and simplest, I have seen. The real value is when you choose the Einstein bundle, you don’t need to think about future costs of subscriptions."


"What sold me is lifetime upgrades at no add cost – very customer focused -thank you! for the indicators and the rest -it’s the documentation on each plus the basic trade set ups and the rest of the resources -that set you guys apart"

-John D.

"Great value as it provides the system indicators, as well as teaching how to trade. The second portion applies to all systems and is generally not taught very well. Tony addresses many absolutely critical aspects."


"I’ve spent years and thousands of dollars to learn the secret of successful trading, guess what? It dosen’t exist. The Intentional Trader is the closest I’ve found and with commitment and hard with success is reachable."

- Michael W.

"Great membership, especially the “one time purchase and done”. Training, support, staff, trade room and the NT8 indicators are all top notch.

Yes, I would recommend."

-Tyrone t.

"I just bought it two days ago but having been involved in other trading rooms and using other indicators I can say that the room is very professional and the indicators are precise as far as one knows that not every time they show up is a trading opportunity. I am using them in conjunction with other set ups and are working well. But the most important point for me has been your trading philosophy where you accept that every trader is unique with unique circumstances and that you believe in practice, practice, practice as I think this is a mind sport and you need to train yourself."

-Jorge m. 

"What I have seen so far is very awesome. I believe the new indicators will give me some great advantages in the future markets. I think this is something all day traders should have."

-Timothy a.

"I have bought a lot of systems and trade rooms. The International Trader is by far the best I have bought. It is my HOLY GRAIL. Thank you for being real Tony."

- Don l.

"The FF program and pullback indicators was a great start, but all the extra things included in the Pro Trader Program makes it the deal everyone trading this system should gravitate to in my honest opinion."

-Alex b. 

"This system teaches you PATIENCE! I love the fact that the indicators show up in REAL TIME, not after the fact. Also, there’s no need to clutter up your charts with a million things because these indicators have all of the important data built right in. Again, patience is the key. Wait for those indicators to show up, follow the rules regarding those indicators and they will work most of the time. I would recommend this system for sure."

Laura k.

"After 5+ years of chasing my dream of being a full time trader, taking many courses and trying too many systems I can now say that I have found my new home and family of traders that have the same goal of becoming a profitable and consistent trader. In my opinion the VIP Package has been the best investment I have made in my trading journey."

-Mark H.

"Get the Pro Trader Program from the beginning. The value grows the more you have it. Definitely no second thoughts with this package. OK – I’m biased because I’m consistently winning with this method."

-John VN

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