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Ready to start approaching your trading like a pro? We have the BrainBoost bundle for those who would like to get started with our system or compliment their system with our indicators.

For those who are ready to dive in and have a full trading system and training program, we have the Einstein bundle (Previously known as VIP). Once you are Einstein Bundle owner you are set! All indicators, all future indicators, training, weekly mentoring, and more! Questions? Chat me by clicking the chat on the bottom right of this page! This special is only active until Wednesday, June 13th!

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This was one of my best investments in the trading game. I would not hesitate to purchase it

Don M.

Just thought I’d give you some feedback on the RockStar. Today was the first day I gave it a serious look. I was so surprised how easy it was to make money with it.

Bob R

I started to follow Intentional Trader about 5 years ago. I observed for at least 6 months before I decided to to try their approach. In the 4+ years since I started to use their tools, it’s a constant stream of innovation after innovation, but this RockStar is the most incredible development to date. It eliminates nearly all decision making and lets you decide instantly if it’s a trade you want to take. On top of that, the education on the mental approach to trading has probably been more valuable that all of the fantastic indicators.

Peter M.