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Welcome To Fast Forward!

Congratulations on your realistic approach to trading. Let’s get to work. 


The Trade Setups

6 Videos that will teach you our trade setups


Duration: 45m

Risks, rules, personal style, and experience. There’s more to trade setups than you might think.


Duration: 1h 11m

Watch this event explaining the RockStar setup and how we trade it!

First Touch Trade Setup

Duration: 28m

How to practice trading, What to practice, And excuses you most likely use to not practice.

Speedtick Trade Setup

Duration: 45m

Potential trade setup report. trading along with the trade room


You Have Completed All Fast Forward Videos!

Congratulations! Keep in mind that these videos are meant to be referenced frequently.

Ready to practice? Here is a list of potential trades for you to pracice in market replay. Save some time and skip to the setups we have found.

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