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Trading as a Business

February 12, 2019 - February 14, 2019

Tuesday and Thursday, February 12th & 14th at 4:30pm Eastern US

Over 90% of traders wont read this to the bottom and attend our free event. (Be a 10%er, I dare you)
It is widely reported that statistically over 90% of people that attempt to day trade, fail at day trading. Only 10% or less actually day trade for a consistent income. And it is my opinion that 90% of you that read this email will not find that it is important or has anything in it for you. That’s ok, you can and will be a statistic, you just must decide which one.
If you have not noticed yet, trading is a lot harder than most people (even you?) believe it is or believe it should be. Why is that? It looks so easy. From an outsider’s perspective, you just must guess which way price is going to go and be right just a little more than you’re wrong. Simple, right?
Join me this Tuesday and Thursday at 4:30 pm Eastern US Time.
I’m going to propose something that just might change how you approach trading, and thus how successful you can be at it. This is an educational event designed to get your head in a space that is more relevant to being successful and more comfortable to trade from. There will be very little discussion on trading systems, charts, indicators, R/R ratios, and especially money. (WHAT??? No MONEY?). Those things only make up about 20% of what it takes to be a successful trader and they’re the most fun to learn about. (Here’s where most of the 90% of you are going to stop reading and blow this off… that’s ok, we still love you 😉 )
Instead, we’re going to look at some of the other 80% that it takes to be successful at trading. But most important, I’m going to present some actionable takeaways that you can implement as soon as tomorrow.
2 DAY EVENT: “Trading As A Business” – A new approach to an old problem
Do not assume that you must learn how to be successful before you can Trade As A Business. That logic, albeit compelling, is simply wrong. And I’ll prove it to you.


February 12, 2019
February 14, 2019