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Time to make the Donuts

August 11, 2018

Remember the old 1980’s Dunkin’ Donuts TV commercials? Fred the baker would drag his butt out of bed every day saying “It’s time to make the donuts”. No excitement. No thrills. Just getting up day after day to do the exact same thing he’s done every day for 30 years or more.
We should all strive to be like Fred the baker as it relates to our trading. Do something very well and do it exactly the same way, according to a very specific recipe (trade plan), every single day. 

If you want excitement, go to Vegas or play video games. If you want success, do something simple, do it VERY WELL, and do it over and over again.
And the best part is, We’ll show you how on Saturday!


August 11, 2018
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