The Other Side of Momentum - The Intentional Trader

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The Other Side of Momentum

July 16, 2019

Tuesday, July 16th at 4:30pm Eastern US

“Buy low, sell high”. Sounds like a reasonable approach to trading, right?
Unfortunately, it is much more difficult than it seems. In todays electronically controlled markets (Quants, HFT’s, Hedge Fund Super Computers), Buy High, Sell Higher has become more the norm for those that have the ability to execute trades quickly with relatively little technical analysis required.
It’s very easy for them to jump into markets very quickly when they see that buying sentiment at the current price is very high. And then just as easy for them to sell after just a few tick increase to profit from this big move that by their own actions, they made even bigger. This is called Momentum Trading.
But what if you’re not one of the big boys? You don’t have the resources to buy high and force price higher. How can you ever survive with this type of market activity taking over todays markets? How can the little guy get ahead?
It’s actually very easy if you understand whats happening and know where to look for the opportunities



July 16, 2019