Essential Add On Suite For NinjaTrader 8

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SuperCharge Your NinjaTrader 8

We took the most powerful and reliable trading platfrom and supercharged it. The EAS has tools that makes NinjaTrader more efficient, powerful, customizable, and user friendly.

NinjaTrader 8 Boost

By default, your computer chooses which applications take priority over others. This means that you may be slowing down your NinjaTrader by using other applications! If your computer needs to free up memory, it will crash NinjaTrader 8 before a browser. That can be quite dangerous if you are in a trade.
With NinjaTrader Boost, you can make sure your NinjaTrader is running at top priority.


Contract Rollover

Easily see when the volume has shifted from one contract to the next. Then rollover with just one click! Doesn’t get much easier than that!

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Custom Themes Changer

Customize your trading platform! You are unique and so should your trading platform. Whether you want to have some fun and put your favorite sports team as your background, or an image of some motivation behind your trading. Change the control center, chart, DOM, alert, and all other windows backgrounds!


Workspaces Manager

We came across this issue when installing indicators on traders platforms. They would have up multiple workspaces (slowing down their system) and have no idea! And we don’t blame them. It was difficult to see workspaces and what was active or closed.
The new workspaces manager makes organizing and seeing the status of workspaces easier than ever. New features like Groups, Active,  and Open. No more confusion or unwanted processing power going to hidden workspaces.

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Replay Data Manager

If you are a replay user (which all traders should be) you understand how frustrating downloading the data can be. It is time consuming, tedious, and often times overwhelming.
With the new Replay Data Manager, You can download multiple days in one click and rest easy as your replay data downloads.


Chart Drawing Tools Toolbar

Easily draw on directly on the chart. Access all the drawing tools right on the chart and make changes in an instant! 

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2 convenient pricing options for you!


$ 8.95 / mo.

  • 2 week free trial
  • EVERYTHING listed above
  • All future add ons for free (While subscription is active)