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“Ready…aim…FIRE” trade executions. These day trading signals are clear and concise. Never wonder again if you did it right. Quickly in and out of the market! Nothing overly complicated about this system. We’ve spent over 10 years making those complicated technical charts and indicators much more simple. Low stress, Consistent, High probability trading. What more could you want?

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A one-and-done investment to your trading career. You can rest easy knowing that there are no recurring payments, update charges, etc… Just look at what we have to offer compared to the other guys.

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Client Testimonials

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what sold me is lifetime upgrades at no add cost – very customer focused -thank you! for the indicators and the rest -it’s the documentation on each plus the basic trade set ups and the rest of the resources -that set you guys apart

John D.
Einstein Member since 2018

The indicators are the best, and simplest, I have seen. The real value is when you choose the Einstein bundle, you don’t need to think about future costs of subscriptions.

Einstein member since 2017

After 5+ years of chasing my dream of being a full time trader, taking many courses and trying too many systems I can now say that I have found my new home and family of traders that have the same goal of becoming a profitable and consistent trader. In my opinion the VIP Package has been the best investment I have made in my trading journey.

Mark H
Einstein member since 2015