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Retail: $923

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  • Rockstar Indicator
  • NRS Zone
  • Velocity
  • Mometer
  • 1 Week in Trade Room
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$ 1989

Retail: $2732

Save $743
  • Rockstar
  • NRS Zone
  • Velocity
  • Mometer
  • Macdiver
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  • Pullback Alert
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  • First Touch Reset
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What We Trade

Probably like nothing you have seen before!
Our style of trading is much easier to understand and use than others out there. It appears that many trading systems try to overcomplicate things. We like to keep things simple and stress free. 
Once again… I’m not saying that this wont take hard work. But you can be confident that the hard work is leading you to your trading goal of consistency.

Our Indicators Explained

Want a quick explanation of how our Day Trading Indicators work? 
Here is a short video to get you up to speed on how our indicators function and how it can help you with your trading!

10 Years and counting

Many Trading systems come and go. We have been around for 10 years taking the same style of trades.

Award Winning

2016 winners of the Star Awards. Funny story. We were supposed to promote our company to get votes but we never did… and STILL won.

Monday-Friday Live Trade Room

Open chat for you and all the other members while our head traders get on the microphone and call out trades as they are setting up. Fun, relaxing, and stress free group of traders.

Member Testimonials

Don’t take our word. Hear what our trades have to say!

Excellent value. Tony provides ongoing instruction all year plus free trade room for life and all indicators, whats not to like?

Mark F.

i been here only a month, but its great. i remind myself all the time, do not trade for the money, but the lifestyle. im able to spend so much more time with my family, and thats more important to me than anything. this is a very good trading strategy. i went live last week, and its exciting.


Don’t know where to begin. The folks at IT provide the best tools to make me a successful trader for the first time ever. However, if you also add the Einstein package you will get never ending help to bring you up to speed. Priority support, Trade Room Videos, Fast Forward, AhHa sessions and more. Everything you would need to become as proficient as you are willing to put the time into to meet your goals. Included in each AhHa session is Tony’s view on the psychology of trading. And by the way, you also get all the new indicators for no additional charge.


It takes time and as I said, best to totally dump EVERYTHING you think you know about trading, it didn’t ever work nor is it going to. That’s why 95% of futures traders lose. This method works and has more edge than anything else I’ve looked at, which is a LOT!!

Rich L.

Great membership, especially the “one time purchase and done”. Training, support, staff, trade room and the NT8 indicators are all top notch.
Yes, I would recommend.


The VIP Package is the way to go if you’re serious about trading. There is a wealth of information which covers all aspects of trading, from planning, practice materials and tools, trade setups, indicator information and much more. Then you’ve got the VIP Lounge. I’m a full-time employee and haven’t been in the Trade Room. But that can come later. You need to hone your skills first before you actually get into the “ring”. That’s what I like about The Intentional Trader. The challenge for me right now is to find how much time I can devote to learning and practicing and absorbing the materials. I’m so grateful for stumbling into this. I’ve been searching for something like this and I guess my search is finally over. For the ratings, I am giving it an EXCELLENT. However I usually mark it a rank lower because I believe that there’s always room for improvement. Thank you Tony and the rest of the group. This is the best. I’m looking forward to be at my best.