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Second brain Trading

A Clearly Defined Trading Edge

A Full trading system with a clearly defined edge and simple rules to trade it. Nearly a decade of placing the exact same trade setups. Why? Because it works so, why change it?

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Second Brain trading

Trading Indicators

Second Brain Trading Indicators are Heads Up Display (HUD) Indicators that print in real-time (zero lag). This gives your trading brain only the information you need when it matters most… RIGHT NOW! See the conditions as they exist as soon as they exist. Created specifically for the NinjaTrader platform.
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Welcome to Second Brain Trading

What do we do? How do we trade? How do our indicators give us an edge? Checkout the video below and the following videos in our introduction playlist to have many of your questions answered!

Inside SecondBrain

Have you ever felt like you wished you had a different (or another) brain to help you master trading? It seemed so easy, yet it has taxed your abilities way beyond what you expected.

Live Trade Room

Join us Monday-Friday for live trading room. Live trades called out as they are setting up. Surround yourself with other motivated traders.


Training Program

Trading is a skill and requires the same thing that any other skill requires… practice and hard work. But most traders don’t know how or what to practice. If you’re serious about developing a skilled trading brain you need a structured skill development program that’s been proven to shorten and sharpen the learning and skill development process.


Freedom to Tune

Second Brain Trading is not a cookie cutter, one size fits all, type of trading system. Learn the basics of the system, then tune the basic rules to better match with your own personal needs and characteristics. You prefer to be a highly conservative trader? No problem. Maybe you like to trade a lot and often. Tune a couple of the trading rules and you’ll find more trades that might be slightly less conservative but that fit nicely into your own personal risk tolerance criteria.


Mentoring Sessions

Placing trades is only 20% of being a succesful trader. Live weekly mentoring sessions to cover the other 80%. How to practice, How to approach trading, Creating a plan and trade log, and much more.


What Our Clients Say

Thousands of orders placed and hundreds of VIP’s. Check out what they have to say!

More Reviews

“ What I have seen so far is very awesome. I believe the new indicators will give me some great advantages in the future markets. I think this is something all day traders should have.”

Timothy A.
Einstein Package

“ Have been trading longer than I can remember, using fibanacci and longer time frames, with little success. Now with IT indicators in such a short time I observe the market better, make better, more informed discissions and trades, very pleased. The installation and backup service are excellent ”

Myles Smith
Academic Bundle

“The Flash indicator is the best divergence indicator I have ever seen! Easy to see on the chart, and coupled with the SpeedTick indicator, it helps me to make better trade decisions than I have ever made, with any other indicators.”

Flash Indicator

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